The goal of the ERA Chair project is to set up a multi-disciplinary research group on Transplant Immunology focusing on novel laboratory and clinical approaches to benefit patients with organ failure. The Transplant Immunology Research Centre of Excellence and its Transplant Immunology Lab will be working on the following research topics:

  1. Pre-treatment and improvement of preservation of the donor organ: Development of novel techniques and treatments to restore organ function and to improve its resistance to cell death and immune attack before transplantation.
  2. Post-transplant care: Personalised immunosuppression to the individual patients to improve the results of transplantation.
  3. Prevention and treatment of sensitisation in patients with a failing transplant: Improvement of these patients’ chances for another successful transplant.

Consequently, the ERA Chair Holder (ECH) and her/his team will synthesize a group of outstanding and highly promising researchers with excellent research records and complementary expertise in the transplant immunology fields and sub-areas. On top of those, the ERA Chair Holder will also have to have proven managerial experience at a top research institution.

To achieve this objective, TIREX will launch an open, merit-based and transparent recruitment process for the ERA Chair Holder position, in line with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers (the hiring of the ERA Chair Holder is expected to be completed on M6). The detail definition of the ERA Chair team structure would then be developed in line with the scientific priorities of the ERA Chair Holder and the requirements of the KU Transplant Immunology Research Centre.